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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success." 

– William Clay Ford, Jr. Executive Chairman, Ford 

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Ralph Lauren

Business Case: Ralph Lauren

Is the fashion giant poised for success in the future with no succession plan, changing tastes, and production woes, how can the company succeed?

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Personal Leadership

Influencing Others

The pandemic has brought out some of the worst behaviors in civil settings.  How can lead when we don't talk?  We have to connect with one another, but how?

As Leaders, we take a lot of hits:

Senior Management
Employee Issues
Time Schedules
Risk Assessments

Changing Circumstances
Shifting Priorities

Fluctuating Morale

Can your team take punches as well as they throw them?

Sometimes, we have to coach team members lessons of 
ADVERSITY through our examples of RESILIENCE.


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Working from Home
Social Distance
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Quick Sync
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Three Six Zero Leadership is a radical agent for organizations that need to improve governance, performance, and culture.  Our intervention focuses on balancing character, morale, behavioral economics, and profitability.

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Anti-Racism Consulting

  • E-Learning Courses

  • Business Research

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Leading With Passion.

Three Six Zero Leadership energizes your aspirations, attitudes, and people through fearless leadership.  With decades of working in high pace environments, teaching leaders, and building high performing teams developing your leaders is second nature.  Our passion is helping organizations achieve greatness.

As your strategic partner, we prepare leaders, elevate expectations, and aim for excellence. We train your leaders to be fearleass in managing, achieving, and caring for people.  Our ability to focus on character, behavior, and the treatment of others has an impact far greater than increasing the bottom line, we create cultures of good people.


Fearless Leadership




"...the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.”

                                   Colin Powell


E-Learning, webinars, classroom, and workshops 



Action!  Leaders participate in various experiential challenges to employ and test skills


We teach, coach, and mentor with honest feedback throughout training to ensure improvement


We share resources for your continued development  to prepare you for leading at all levels

The Fearless Leader concept came as a result leadership lessons learned, a passion for working with teams, and as a supplemental idea from Amy Edmondson's The Fearless Organization book.


Our process of developing leaders begins with an aligned definition of leadership that outlines competencies, capabilities, and knowledge.  Through this process, we improve leadership performance by working on the ability to adapt, influence, collaborate, and accomplish missions to a high standard.  


The Fearless Leader is an agent for the team: selfless, humble, loyal, empathetic, assertive, honest, and courageous.  

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teamwork leadership communication


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Learn directly from experienced coaches, meet fellow leaders, hear guest speakers, and workshops.  Actively particpate in the Leadership Development Program.  


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Action-Based Learning Platform

Personalized and contextualized    e-learning platform that enhances knowledge and skill

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Courses Of Action

Experiential  Training

Adventure challenges with a team of leaders that rotate in and out of graded leadership opportunities as  leadership coaches assess performance.  



Safe and Socially-Distanced Learning


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Our online training solution:  

  • 20X higher engagement and completion rates than traditional learning management systems.

  • Powered by Analytics, Backed by Science using the AFT Learning Model

  • Mobile App is compatible with Mac and Android devices

  • Users increase interaction with peers and instructors at a rate of 89% 

  • Learners are 10x more likely to retain information in our format

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