Entrepreneurs are gifted in many aspects of business, however, many have seen their ventures fail because of inept leadership.  Additionally, Millennials are being promoted into leadership roles at a rapid rate and require updated and appropriate training.  TSZL addresses the needs of different leadership populations by understanding the needs and concerns of Millennial leaders and coaching them to handle simple and complex work environments.    

Jason Dorsey, The Gen Y Guy, What we know about Millennials and the generation after.

The Three Six Zero leadership development training sequence is designed to increase in intensity and improve leadership proficiency through a crawl, walk, run philosophy.  


  • CRAWL.  We start by outlining the principals of leadership along with the basics in influencing, decision-making, and planning.  The e-learning courses are easy to follow, and each candidate can interact with their mentor for guidance.


  • WALK Leaders apply the processes and techniques in several scenarios.  Each leader is coached and graded on performance and results are maintained in a Leadership Portfolio.  Each training environment is unique and designed to test all aspects of leadership and teamwork.  All of the training courses have team integration, planning, execution, and after-action review.  Candidates can choose from simple to complex courses to test their abilities.  


  • RUN.  Lastly, leaders build upon experiences and concepts to lead a team through a project with an outside non-profit organization.  Mentors and the assigned organization will monitor the projects and evaluate leadership performance.  The projects serve as a capstone on servant leadership and provide an opportunity for leaders to be led with a real impact and give back to the community.