Three Six Zero Leadership’s combination of military leadership concepts, best practices and training meets the current need for organizations' front-line managers to C-suite executives.


  • Leadership Assessments:  Three Six Zero uses self, peer, and performance assessments to evaluate leaders from every vantage point.  Leaders are made aware of their strengths and areas of improvement during specific events by experienced coaches.  Performances are recorded on evaluation cards which is maintained in an individual leadership portfolio that is used to consult participants.  

  • E-learning: Our learning platform delivers content in small, manageable modules that can be consumed during breaks and commutes. The material covers the soft skills that leaders feel are not included in the current training.  The training modules range in scope from leadership, management, and many relevant topics for today's leader.


  • Classroom training: Courses are taught at a static location and broken into topics of Teamwork, Leadership, Communication (TLC) and Management skills which align with the e-learning.


  • Experiential training: Experiential events are used to place leaders in scenarios where they can practice leadership skills and concepts without fear of failure.  The events allow for training and performance with measurable leadership actions that are witnessed and evaluated by experienced leaders.  The straight forward way of training takes complex learning and enables complex behaviors to evolve rather simply.  The increasing difficulty of programmed events builds confidence and mastery in concepts in participants' organizational development.  As a result,our training environment enables leaders, and organizations, to train competent people who are prepared to lead teams immediately.   

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