"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."- John F. Kennedy

Our training is simple, not easy. Three Six Zero Leadership’s combination of military concepts and a training pipeline meets the current need for organizations and wants of leaders from frontline managers to the C-suite:


  • Leadership Assessments help make leaders aware of their strengths and weaknesses, but it also provides a baseline to customize the experience based on the leader’s needs.


  • E-learning platform delivers content in small, manageable modules that can be consumed during breaks and commutes. The material covers the soft skills that leaders feel are not included in the current training.  The training modules survey the terrain of leadership and explore many techniques and concepts.


  • Classroom training meets the leader’s desire to learn in a focused environment with peers.  Courses are taught at a static location and broken into topics of Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication (TLC) which aligns with the e-learning phase.


  • Experiential training events with feedback eliminate any shortcuts in leader development.  The increasing difficulty of the events builds confidence and mastery. Activities are fun, engaging and memorable breaking away from the traditional training model.


We train leaders by making them lead.  We develop leaders through a journey-based learning approach modeled after the US military’s training process.  Three Six Zero Leadership uses a distinctive leadership development program that provides leaders with knowledge, methods, coaching, and experiences to prepare them for any challenge.  Leaders take an initial assessment, then learn through online and classroom education.  Next, they put concepts into action through a series of dynamic scenarios. Military mentors observe leaders during these scenarios and give feedback to refine strengths and address areas of improvement further.


We don't just talk, we do.  Our coaches have led groups some of the most challenging combat scenarios and attribute much of their success to the military leadership development.


We can’t stop making great leaders! We share concepts that helped propel America's military force to be the most reliable organization in the world.  The processes taught by our staff are proven and time-tested, having been developed over centuries of military leadership and used by Fortune 500 CEOs.   


We challenge leaders in environments designed to develop risk-taking, decision-making, and team-building skills, so leaders learn to adapt to change and overcome challenges.


The Three Six Zero Leadership training journey is designed to increase in intensity, thereby enhancing confidence and the ability to make decisions, execute, and care for team members under pressure. We provide an authentic learning experience, and fun while learning how to lead.