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Troubled Teens
  • Mutual Respect

  • Self-Discipline

  • Identity Empowerment

  • Conflict Resolution

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High School Leaders
  • Team Building Events

  • Introduction to leadership

  • School Discipline Programs

  • Leader Development Program

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College and University Leaders
  • Team Building 

  • Leader Mentor Program

  • Leadership Development

  • Leadership Capstone

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Civic Organizations
  • Team Building

  • Leading with Passion

  • Mission Multiplying

  • Strategic Planning





TSZL develops young leaders by helping them lead themselves, teams, and by example.  As leadership mentors, we understand the difficulty in grooming young adults transitioning through a myriad of issues.  All participants receive respect, guidance, and the ability to manage themselves in different scenarios.  Our programs will help kids in crisis, leadership development, and respecting others.  Participants are educated and empowered through events that teach teamwork, leadership, and communication.  As a result, participants learn to set an example for others.


Why wait until summer camp to calibrate leadership skills of student-athletes, academic leaders, civic organizations, and discouraged individuals?  They need the skills now.  


Contact us so that we can develop an event for your group.  


Services we provide:

  • Leadership evaluations

  • Citizenship program for discouraged youth

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Experiential Team Building Exercises 

  • Workshops

  • Summer Camps



Build positive morale with your group by learning teambuilding phases.  Groups will plan their mission, perform the task, and review their actions.   Groups can choose from a number of events that will help build closer bonds, peak performance, and communication.


Self-awareness is a sign of maturity and we develop it through leadership.  Participants learn values, ethics, decision-making processes, leadership procedures, and principles of leadership.  Workshops, experiential events, and coaching available. 


All of the TSZL events include communication among team members.  The team dynamics can often falter because of miscommunication or the inability to listen.  We focus on participants ability to relay their vision and stimulate action with their group.